Parts Join/Renew Mail Us Home Officials Events Gallery Page 1 Magazine Links Regalia “GONE IS THY LOVING VOICE, THY KINDLY FACE,  GONE FROM THE HOME WHERE WE SO DEARLY LOVED THEE WHERE NONE CAN EVER FILL THY VACANT PLACE  ALL THE TEARS ARE VAIN - WE CANNOT NOW RECALL THEE.” *			   			*				   	*				   	*					   *			   		*			   		*			  		*		   			*				   	*	   				*		   			*			   		*			   		*		   			* After the service the church kindly provided some very welcome refreshment, which would see us through to George’s home,  Coundon Court. We were met by Richard Hoare, ex-Head of English at the school, who pointed out, with great passion, the intricate details and superb quality that was evident in everything George laid his hand upon. Go Back to SMC News