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Index of Mascot Articles from Nov 2000 to Nov 2011

It seemed as though I was spending more and more time looking for articles I knew were in Mascot somewhere, but couldn’t remember when, so in January 2004 I made an Index of the main items in all the Mascots issued since I became editor.  

Similar time-consuming searches have prompted me to update the Index three times since then, and I’m now starting on the January 2012 issue, which will be added to those below in due course.

Hopefully the Index will enable members also to find things they knew they had seen somewhere in Mascot but didn’t have the time to search for.  It is possible to print off copies from the pdf files, but if you would like me to send you printed copies, simply send me a stamped, self-addressed C5 envelope marked ‘Mascot Index, and containing 2 x 2nd Class postage stamps to cover printing costs, I will be pleased to put them in it for you.

Note - The above applies only for UK members.  For O/Seas members please order your copies using the ‘Mail Us’ button and I will inform you how to pay the postage and printing costs via our ‘Approved Payments ‘ facility on I-Subs

Also, if you have a problem or query, you may find it useful to peruse the Index to see if the problem has been mentioned in the Mascot.  If you find it but it was before you joined the SMC, let me know and I will send you a pdf file or scan of the relevant page, or include a copy with your next Mascot.  And if you can’t find it in the Index, remember you can always ASK Aunty, and she will do her best to come up with a solution.    

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Mike Hyman, Editor