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This is Nick Stone’s nicely restored 1928 Junior Tourer, seen here on display on the Singer Stand at the 34th Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show in Shepton Mallet.

Nick acquired the car in May  2011 in a partially restored state, and daughters Phoebe and Martha took to it before it was even off the trailer!  Martha commented that it would be great to have the car ready for her school prom in March 2012, and as Nick said, it’s always good to have a deadline.

As you can see, after much reassembly, trimming and general fettling, Nick just about made it, although it’s a good job it wasn’t raining, as the hood was still not ready to be fitted.  And much to Nick’s regret, it was still not ready in time for Shepton Mallet, but if it looks as good as the rest of the car when it is fitted, the wait will have been worth-while.