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This is Roger Goldsmith’s lovely 1929 Junior Tourer, which lives on the Island of Guernsey.  Roger and his wife are both retired teachers - she an infant teacher and he a teacher for deaf children, and they used to spend their leisure time on boats, as this was the way they got away from it all, hopping over to France or the UK.

As age set in and knees began to wear, they decided a different hobby was called for.  So they sold the boat and sought a reasonable car to enjoy.  

They looked around and found the Junior advertised in Car and Classic.   It looked good in the photographs and, says David, it had so much more personality than an Austin 7.  

A trip to UK was all that was needed to decide this was the car for them.  It had been in someone's collection for about 10 years, and records showed it had done only 1.5 miles per year between each MOT!  They had it delivered to Southampton and ferried over to Guernsey in a container.