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This is Ben Weston from Glasgow’s superbly restored 1928 Junior Tourer, which he acquired in March 2009.  GE 601 had been off the road for about 58 years, having last been registered in Stirling in 1953 and kept under wraps in Ellie Kenny’s uncle’s garage since he bought it in about 1982 as a restoration project.    GE 601 had been standing in Elly Kenny’s

Aunty Joyce’s garage awaiting restoration for about 28 years, and when her husband died it was decided to sell the car.  

Ben told us:  “I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and it was I who bought her.  The restoration project  was completed in just under two years with the help of our little group, comprising my brother and a couple of friends, who assisted with the dismantling, mechanical work and preparation of the body-work for priming.  

As I was rubbing down in preparation for painting, a friend called in and asked what I was going to paint it with.  When I mentioned my trusty DeVilbis, he offered to bring his latest high-tech gun, which produces virtually no overspray, and to put the paint on for me - an offer I could hardly refuse!  I therefore built a spray-booth in my barn, using large plastic sheets, and fitted up lighting on tripods.  To say that I am delighted with the outcome is the understatement of the year!

For the interior trim I used the modern equivalent of the Rexine type material originally used by Singer, and for the seat upholstery I employed the services of a local firm, Colin James.

The Restoration Group.

The hood was made by a friend who lives just down the road, and the overall result is every bit as good as I had hoped it would be.

So it was in April that I contacted Elly to let her know the job was done, and she arranged a ‘mystery trip’ to bring Aunty Joyce and her son - the little fellow at the front of the car (arrowed, in the picture, left), and now the strapping lad in the centre of the group below - together with her husband and daughter, to see the car.   I’ll swear there was a wee tear in Aunty Joyce’s eye when she saw their old car parked on our lawn!”


… with my wife, Anne

… April 2011 - with Elly, Aunty Joyce and their families.