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Amicale-Singer-France Granville Rally 2006 by ‘Trish & Mike Hyman

Selwyn, our 1956 Singer Hunter, had lived by the seaside in Swansea for the past 50 years, but I don’t think he had ever taken to the water before.  However, he showed no signs of apprehension as we motored towards Portsmouth for the Thursday night ferry to St Malo, en route to the Granville Rally organized by Patrick Lemierre, President of Amicale Singer France, who had invited Singers from the UK and Holland to attend their inaugural rally.   

About a dozen Singers lined up on the dockside, and the crossing was uneventful.  But when we arrived in St Malo it was raining and we were glad not to be in an open car.  

Gifford Wright had organized a scenic route to get us to Granville, complete with maps and directions.  The route took us first to Dinan, where we parked in the town centre square, courtesy of the Mayor, who unfortunately was in a meeting and unable to come and greet us.  There was, however, time to have a coffee and stroll around the old town, with its beautiful timber buildings.  

The castle was attacked and destroyed by King Henry ll in 1166, but was rebuilt to the present high-walled stronghold.   The castle was attacked again several times over the ages,

the last being when Fougères took a severe bombardment on June 9, 1944 as the Allies fought to free it from four years of German occupation.

Onwards north past Villedieu-Les-Poêles, famous for its copper-bottomed saucepans, then east to the Etap Hotel, our base for the weekend, on the outskirts of Granville.


On then through Combourg, Tremblay and St Brice to Fougeres for lunch and a walk around the magnificent medieval fortress.